Located in Easton Pennsylvania, Cone Appétit brings an innovative and exciting new way to enjoy your favorite foods... in a bread cone!

At Cone Appétit, we are dedicated to serving traditional American comfort food classics in a unique new way. Each gourmet bread cone is made to order using only all natural ingredients, locally sourced fruits and vegetables, plus a dash of tender love and care. Once you take your first bite into one of our signature bread cones, you will understand exactly what makes them so irresistibly delicious!

Cone Appétit!

This is the first real innovative product I’ve seen in a very long time. GENIUS! Simply genius. And they were going to put rage against the machine on the play list when we stopped by. I am telling ALL my chef friends about this spot!
Every now and then something new and unique comes to the area. My wife and I tried this place last week. We each had the cheese steak. Good bread that actually kept everything hot in the cone to the last bite.
Awesome addition to the boardwalk!!! Lobster cone is tasty, tasty, tasty!!! Wife liked cheese steak with sauce. Son raved about mac n cheese and devoured the Nutella cone before we could walk to our car. Very friendly staff.

- D. Dougherty

- M. Crego

- W. Albit Jr.